EU-Turkish Process

The relations between Turkey and European Union started with Turkey’s application to the European Economic Community for partnership on July 31,1959. After EEC Council of Ministers accepted the application, Ankara Agreement was signed on September 12,1963. Ankara Agreement is an agreement which creates a partnership. Annexed Protocol, which was signed in 1970, follows this agreement. These two documents, which started Turkey’s affairs with the Union earlier than many other countries that became Union members later, are legal provisions of Turkey-EU affairs since that date on and since European Council Final Declaration dated December 17, 2004.


According to the decision taken in the Summit of European Council dated December 17, 2004, Turkey officially started negotiations with the Intergovernmental Conference on October 3, 2005 regarding its membership to European Union. Again in the same day, Negotiation Framework for Turkey was published with a press conference. Thereby, wavy affairs between Turkey and EU crossed a very important turning point and took yet another twist.


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